A mythical place in Coimbra´s history, from “Lapa dos Esteios” it is possible to appreciate a unique landscape of the river and the city. Located about 2 km from Coimbra, Lapa dos Esteios is inserted in an idyllic context, next to the left bank of the Mondego, integrated in the old Quinta das Canas, a beautiful 18th century property with a romantic spirit.

Sung by poets and, for almost a century, a privileged place for gatherings by famous intellectuals, this place still conserves a valuable heritage today.

The entrance is made through a sumptuous gate, followed by the garden and a plane tree, with the Spring Fountain, dating from the 17th century. Also noteworthy is the set of statues representing Asia, the Fortress and the Greek philosopher Diogenes.

The property was acquired in 1979 by the Fiscal Guard, which undertook a major undertaking to recover the space, since at the time it was in an advanced state of degradation.

In addition to the architectural heritage, the space is also worth visiting for its arboreal setting, gardens and plants, the lush riverside vegetation that borders the river and for the exceptional view over the city, where everything harmoniously combines, in a bucolic touch that brings mind the nostalgia of other times, full of romanticism and beauty.

Lapa dos Esteios - Coimbra - O Basófias