Boat trip on the Mondego River

Enjoy a boat trip on the Mondego River and enjoy the view of Coimbra, the most important Portuguese city at university level and one of the oldest in Europe.

With an approximate duration of 50 minutes, on this boat trip aboard the O Basófias you will be able to appreciate crucial points of the city across Rio Mondego:

Weir Bridge

The Weir Bridge is located on the Mondego riverbed, in the city of Coimbra. Designed in 1978, it started operating [...]

Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha

The Monastery of Santa Clara de Coimbra, popularly known as “Convento de Santa Clara-a-Velha” (Velha=Old), is located on the left [...]

Ponte Pedro e Inês

Pedro e Inês Bridge is a pedestrian and cycle path bridge over the Mondego River. It was opened in 2006 [...]

Ponte Rainha Santa

“Ponte Rainha Santa Isabel” (Queen Saint Isabel Bridge) was inaugurated in 2004. Its construction allowed quicker access to the south [...]

Pavilhão Centro de Portugal

Designed by architects Souto Moura and Siza Vieira, for Expo 2000, held in Hannover (Germany), the “Pavilhão Centro de Portugal” [...]

University of Coimbra

The University of Coimbra is a public university. Established in 1290 in Lisbon, it went through a number of relocations [...]

Rio Mondego

Mondego River is the fifth largest Portuguese river and the first of all that has its course entirely in Portugal. [...]

Lapa dos Esteios

A mythical place in Coimbra´s history, from “Lapa dos Esteios” it is possible to appreciate a unique landscape of the [...]

Seminário Maior de Coimbra

The building was initially built on June 16, 1748, at the request of D. Miguel da Anunciação, bishop of Coimbra [...]

Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Nova

The Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Nova, also known as the “Convent of the Queen Santa Isabel”( Queen Santa Isabel´s Convent), was [...]

Ponte de Santa Clara

“Ponte de Santa Clara” (Saint Claire´s Bridge), is a road bridge over the river Mondego, in the center of the [...]

Estação de Caminho-de-Ferro

Coimbra’s Railway Station, also known as “Coimbra-A” or “Coimbra-Cidade” (City), and popularly called “Estação Nova” (New Railway Station), is an [...]

Sé Velha de Coimbra

The Old Cathedral of Coimbra is one of the most important Romanesque buildings in the country. Its construction started sometime [...]