OdaBarca – Animação Turística do Mondego, S.A

OdaBarca – Animação Turística do Mondego, S.A. was founded in 1993 by a group of entrepreneurs from Coimbra, with the aim of innovating tourism in this city from the tourist exploration of the Mondego River.
Coming from France and built especially for navigation on this river, the “ O Basófias“ arrived in Coimbra on September 13 of the same year.

On July 13, 2010, OdaBarca once again took on its importance, innovating again in the same sector, importing the first motorized rickshaw (TUK TUK®), Thai, to Portugal, with the aim of providing Coimbra visitors with a tour cultural tourism, with a playful and relaxed aspect, which is implicit in this Asian mode of transport.

With a share capital of 350 thousand euros, almost all significant companies in Coimbra are shareholders, including the University of Coimbra, the Municipality of Coimbra and Turismo do Centro de Portugal, in addition to individual personalities.

The main purpose of OdaBarca – Animação Turística do Mondego, S.A. is to explore tourism, also aiming to promote social, cultural and sporting initiatives.

Permit No. 40/2002

``O Basófias``

Boat trips on the Mondego River. The only way to contemplate the beautiful landscape of Coimbra from the river Mondego, is on board the iconic boat “O Basófias”.

“Basofias” is a maritime-tourist vessel with a capacity of up to 60 passengers, and provides a unique and exclusive experience to enjoy the city. On a 50-minute boat ride, you can admire all the monuments overlooking the river, such as the University of Coimbra, the Sé Velha, the Torre Almedina, the Santa Clara-a-Velha Monastery, as well as some medieval architecture, and a contemporary one, such as the Pavilhão de Portugal. If you come in an organized group, you can also have lunch or dinner on board.

At the end of the meal it is also possible to appreciate what best represents the city’s culture – the “Fado de Coimbra”.