Boat rides in Mondego river

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Discover Coimbra from Mondego river!

Boat rides in Mondego river. A unique way to contemplate the city of Coimbra landscape from Mondego river, only possible with iconic boat ``O Basófias``.

OdaBarca – Animação Turística do Mondego, S.A

Founded in 1993 by a group of entrepreneurs from Coimbra, with the objective of innovate the city's tourism, using the touristic potential of Mondego river.
Coming from France and built specifically to navigate in this river, the ``Basófias`` boat arrived in Coimbra in 13th September of that year.

Boat rides in
Mondego river

Discover Coimbra
sailing the Mondego river!
  • Boat rides
  • New perspective of Coimbra
  • Observe nature and fauna
  • Fados de Coimbra events
  • Corporate Events
  • Catering on board
  • Monuments and landmarks

Featured landmarks

Discover Coimbra and visit historical monuments and landmarks.

Weir Bridge

The Weir Bridge is located on the Mondego riverbed, in the city of Coimbra. Designed in 1978, it started operating [...]

Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha

The Monastery of Santa Clara de Coimbra, popularly known as “Convento de Santa Clara-a-Velha” (Velha=Old), is located on the left [...]

Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Nova

The Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Nova, also known as the “Convent of the Queen Santa Isabel”( Queen Santa Isabel´s Convent), was [...]

On board of ``Basófias`` you can organize boat rides, meals and dinners, meetings, get married and baptized, and much more.

Feedbacks from customers

Find out what our customers have to say about their experience on our boat.

Pedro Manuel P

Coimbra, Portugal

This promenade along the Mondego River, gives a cultural perspective of the city of Coimbra, with fabulous views to the top of Coimbra. From there we can see the TOWER OF UNIVERSITY, symbol of the Coimbra tradition ...
Alexandre M

Niterói, RJ

Very cool. Especially if you have children. The tour leads to several points of the city in a flash of eyes. The drivers are very funny too, everything is part of the fun for them, nothing is left out!
Philip C

Amestardão, Países Baixos

Staff very good, friendly. A different way of getting to know the city. Explanations by the driver throughout the trip.

``Basófias`` on the press

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The Boat ``O Basófias``

«O Basófias» is named in homage to the nickname given to Mondego river.

``Coimbra é uma lição
De sonho e tradição``

Not to be missed!

Enjoy historical landmarks through Mondego river:
  • Ponte Santa Clara
  • Universidade de Coimbra
  • Estação de Caminho de Ferro
  • Ponte Açude
  • Convento de Santa Clara
  • Praça da Canção (Queimódromo)
  • Ponte Pedro e Inês (pedonal)
  • Pavilhão de Portugal
  • Ponte Rainha Santa
  • Lapa dos Esteios


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